The Redhead Angel
Posted 1 month ago

Love John Ross!

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Posted 2 months ago

Here’s a cute video of Glen and the Valentine’s Day Balloon! :)

Posted 2 months ago

Glen had a great Valentine’s Day! He had a blast with the balloons! :)

Posted 2 months ago

I had the best Valentine’s Day ever!!! Jason and I celebrated our 1st Valentine’s Day together. He took off work for the entire day. We had a great Valentine’s Day! He gave me roses, balloons and a Han Solo Doll! Thank you Jason for giving me a wonderful Valentine’s Day! I love you, Jason! I can’t wait for next year!

Posted 2 months ago

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Early Valentine’s Day!! I hope you all will have a wonderful V-Day! Jason and I are celebrating our very first Valentine’s Day together. I know he is going to spoil me. It’s wonderful having someone wonderful in your life. I have not ever experienced that before until I met Jason. He’s a blessing to my life. I am so happy God sent him to me. I did not even have to go outside of my town to find him.

I was alone last year at Valentine’s Day. I won’t ever be alone again. Jason is in my life now. I remember writing a little message to my future Valentine last year when I was alone. I know now who the message was for.

Here’s my message from last year to my future Valentine. This message was for you, Jason!

~*To my future Valentine…*~

You’ll be the one I will call my Valentine. You will be the one to share my special Valentine’s Day with. I won’t ever be alone again on Valentine’s Day. You’ll be the one to give me my special kiss that I’ve been waiting for all of my life. You’ll be mine forever. I love you..

Someday in the future, I will give you this message. I wrote this to you when you did not know me. Happy Valentine’s Day to my future Valentine!


Happy Valentine’s Day, Jason! I love you! 

Posted 2 months ago

Me and the love of my life, Jason! :)

Posted 2 months ago

The Redhead Angel turned 1 today!

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Posted 2 months ago

Zoey… I miss her..

Posted 2 months ago

Brittany Spaniel

I am getting a Brittany Spaniel puppy in May! Jason found a breeder nearby. We got a great deal on the puppy! The litter will be born in 3 months. I am so excited!!!

Posted 2 months ago

It’s been 4 years since I saw Phantom in Orlando. I can’t believe it has been that long ago. It seems like yesterday! I really miss the Music Box US Tour. The new US Tour won’t be the same. Orlando was amazing!